Alumni from the MFA in Studio Art at NYU Steinhardt as well as almuni from NYU Tisch School of Arts are invited to apply for a summer or fall artist residency of two-four (2-4) weeks duration at Catwalk Institute in Catskill, NY. Please note that the Artist Residence Program at Catwalk is an independent program and is not sponsored by NYU.

Catwalk Arts Residency is a residency program established in 2004 by James and Purcell Palmer at the Palmer’s residence known as CATWALK in Catskill, New York.  The mission of the Catwalk Arts Residency is to establish Catwalk as a special retreat for art making, collaborative projects and scholarly discourse in a visually stimulating part of the country that has historically provided and continues today to provide significant inspiration to artists, cultural historians, writers and scholars. The Catwalk Arts Residency is intended to brand the participating institutions with a footprint in an important cultural corridor of contemporary art. In addition, the goal is for the School of the participating institutions to develop a dynamic interaction with its widespread Masters in Fine Arts (MFA) alumni and through that reconnection to leverage the participating institution’s rich legacy in the arts.  The Palmers envision this as a developing concept and intend for NYU alumni through the Catwalk Arts Residency program to have wide latitude in developing the artist colony in a manner that is meaningful for the participants and enhances the recognition of the excellence of NYU. If selected, please note that residents cover the cost of travel to/from the residency, any artist materials and/or equipment needed for their work, shipping costs, food and other personal expenses.

Visit the NYU Tisch website for more information and to apply.


NYU Steinhardt faculty and alumni submit applications to Jamie Sterns, Administrator for Grants, Resources and Community/Development Projects, Department of Art and Art Professions (212) 998‐5700, jhs363@nyu.edu

NYU Tisch faculty and alumni submit applications to the Tisch Initiative for Creative Research (TCR) (212) 998-1559, tisch.research@nyu.edu