Purcell Palmer
Owner of CATWALK,
We moved to the Hudson Valley from Chicago in 2002 after long careers in marketing and finance. We were drawn to the area by my passion for the region’s rich cultural heritage and unbroken legacy in the visual arts as well as by Jim’s appreciation of the picturesque landscape and the magnificence of sublime sunsets.Originally the home of  Hudson River landscape painter Charles Herbert Moore, CATWALK has a long history as an artist’s residence. Spectacularly sited for both river and mountain views, we felt the 60 acre property was too special not to share. We initially opened CATWALK Art Residency to MFA faculty and alumni from the School of the Arts Institute of Chicago in 2003. In 2009 the program was expanded to include Columbia University and Vassar College. Over 250 multi media, performance, video artists and writers have now participated in a broad range of projects at CATWALK including many collaborations and site-specific projects.
Chuck Irwin
Property Manager, CATWALK
I have managed the property at CATWALK for over sixteen years. For the last six years artists using the land have been interesting to me. Their work and ideas support many thoughts I have about man and nature. I enjoy the variety of artists who have come here and their interpretation of this property.  Most visitors feel as I do that the property both inside and out is magical and that the history of the place gives meaning to their time here. My work has been enhanced by having artists visit CATWALK.
Victoria Mequin Bell
House Manager CATWALK
I was born in Catskill and am very inspired by the beauty, history and the activities the area makes possible. I am very proud to be working at CATWALK, one of the most beautiful places in Catskill. The views of the river and mountains are breathtaking, and the historic house of Charles Herbert Moore is beautiful. I love walking in the footsteps of history and sharing this now with artists and historians who come here. CATWALK is a very special place.
Hague Williams
Marketing/Promotion, CATWALK
I am printmaker and media artist. I received my MFA in Printmedia from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. My stay as an artist in 2008 at Catwalk Artist Residency was instrumental in creating a new pathway for me as a printmaker, in addition to my own personal growth. As a printmaker and artist, I am predictably interested in such methods of change: Process is an integral part of my work. The history, nature, and waters of the Catskill region allowed me the time to explore, excavate, and experiment – to re-experience those original cathartic moments with nature from youth that made me the artist I am today.