The CATWALK Institute is a private operating foundation that manages the activities of  the CATWALK Art Residency and recently acquired CATSLAIR for longer term residencies focused on aspects of landscape.  Both Catwalk and Catslair are invitation only artist residency programs initially established in 2004 by James and Purcell Palmer at the Palmer’s residence known as Catwalk in Catskill, New York.  The mission of the CATWALK Institute is to establish Catwalk as a special retreat for art making, collaborative projects and scholarly discourse in a visually stimulating part of the country that has historically provided and continues to provide significant inspiration to artists, cultural historians, writers and scholars.  The Palmers envision this as a developing concept and intend for institutions involved through the residency programs to have wide latitude in developing the artist colony in a manner that is meaningful for the participants and enhances the recognition of the excellence of the participating institutions.

credit Phillip Loheed and Earthos Institute

Recent Testimonial from 2013 season:
“Catwalk is such an amazing place because of its shifting and renewing relationship between art and place. But at its core Catwalk allows visitors to be and make without contradiction, and I attribute that possibility to your making this place with our own visions and ways of being.”
–ELIZABETH GRAMM, Environmental Studies, Vassar – May 2013

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photo courtesy of Jeffery Weaver

“See the sun all gold and red
Leaves the blue and open sky
Sinking to his glorious bed
Far beyond the mountains high”

–Thomas Cole